Not Given the Ring Stone, Rijal continues to kill his Grandmother

BULUKUMBA – After murdering Grandmother Napisa who is none other than her own grandmother. Rijal, finally arrested by Bontoala Polsek on Jalan Bungaejaya, District Bontoala, Makassar, Saturday (16/09/2017) early morning at 03.00 Wita.

This arrest was due to cooperation between Bontoala Police and Bulukumba Police. Where the offender after killing his own grandmother, he immediately fled to Makassar by using stolen motor.

When confirmed via Whatsapp, Saturday (16/09/2017). Invisible Criminal Police Bulukumba IPTU Deki Marizaldi said, at the time of interrogation to the perpetrator and claimed desperate killing his grandmother because very annoyed.

“The perpetrator (Rijal) is annoyed because he asked for a ring or a gemstone to his grandmother, but not given,” said Deki.

He added After killing the offender then stealing the motor with the police number DD 5620 NP near the scene and had to refuel gasoline in one pertamina in Bulukumba then run without pay

the perpetrator along with his stolen motor will be immediately taken to Mako Polres Bulukumba for further legal process.


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